How many Myrtle Beach Movers are there?


You are looking for the iconic Myrtle Beach Movers® Moving Company website (above) - the company that provides moving labor to load and unload your rental truck - as in "Your rental truck - Our strong backs!"  But the problem comes in when you see a lot of folks using the name "Myrtle Beach Movers."  Which one do you choose?  It's been since 2001 that Myrtle Beach Movers® specialized in moving labor - so whoever is using it knows what they are doing. Make sure you go to an official site like MyrtleBeachMovers.Com or MBMovers.Com. 

Here is a list of some of the fake Myrtle Beach movers or moving companies in the area, and if you click their link you can see how much they love the original moving labor service's business name on their own website.  They lack imagination.  They are Johnny-Come-Lately's and their imitation is flattering.  The public can well judge the difference between McDonalds and McDowell's.  This is free advertising for them.

Fake Myrtle Beach Movers

Fake again.  Ask the Horry County Treasure's Office, the South Carolina Secretary of State's Office and the United States Patent & Trade Office who is the real Myrtle Beach Movers.   He registered MoversMyrtleBeach.Com and MyrtleBeachMover.Com in 2011 and 12.  He really wants to be MBMovers, but his mother named his business - Kevin's.

During June 2009 he registered "MyrtleBeachSCMovers.Com" as preferable to using his own business name.

They reserved the name "Myrtle Beach Movers" in 2008 for the purpose of LLC incorporation seven years after MBMovers began.  They renewed it in May of 2008 and that expired four months later in September.  Why is this still on their site?  Dishonesty.

Contacted their website administrator in 2006 asking them to stop.

The newest scalawag.  He started this during the second half of 2017.  Contact recently.

Call from Chavis Moving Company, Tommy Bruton.  He wants me to be excited that he is using my trademark.  This was his second call to Myrtle Beach Movers® offices last March 24, 2017 approx 7 PM.

The above moving companies may be movers that live in Myrtle Beach SC, and they may even be moving companies with offices in Myrtle Beach SC.  They may just want to work in Myrtle Beach.  They might even be a Myrtle Beach SC moving company or a moving company in Myrtle Beach SC, but they are not Myrtle Beach Movers®.  They are not the real Myrtle Beach Movers, nor are they the best Myrtle Beach movers.  They are from Wilmington, Conway, North Myrtle Beach, or Charleston.  Each one has been contacted repeatedly.  They obviously want you to call Patrick at 843-663-2942.

This is a real Myrtle Beach Movers® website here.

There are a couple of good guys in the Myrtle Beach SC moving company market that are successful without feeling the need to use another company's name like Myrtle Beach Movers®.  Perfect example right here are "Movers Who Care®."  They are clean, fair, local and not a shyster.   Call Two Men & A Truck.