BBB - Myrtle Beach, SC

Dear Better Business Bureau - Myrtle Beach,

Many people think the Better Business Bureau is somehow in charge of the general business community complaint department or can resolve issues as a customer service representative.  They may also hold the BBB up as some iconic model as the way to run an organization.   Neither is true.

The truth is that they are a front for an advertising business which they do not do very well.  They are also party to an extortion enterprise by publishing negative and false stories about local businesses and forcing businesses to buckle under or sustain negative inferences.

If you have made the unfortunate decision to join the Better Business Bureau then you are getting the telephone calls urging you to spend some of your advertising dollars with them.  You may already know that their website is difficult to navigate too, but you keep sending the money because you want to seem to be a decent and honest business person by putting the BBB placard up in your place of business or on your vehicles.  It is a big farce.

Joining the Better Business Bureau opens you up to unscrupulous customers who think you will fold to their demands or suffer the false and defamatory fiction of a bully customer in the form of a negative review.  If that's not bad enough, the BBB just does not run an efficient organization.  There is no resource available if you simply want to patronize other BBB members.

I started this website to show you, me and the BBB that you or I can do more on your own with some grit, independence and knowledge than handing your money over to a farce called the BBB.  After trying to get them to handle an ethical problem with one of their members I have taken the task into my own hands.

February 7, 2017 - I got a letter in the mail today from a Mr. D'Ambrosio with the local BBB suggesting that I voluntarily withdraw from the local Coastal Carolina's Better Business Bureau because of my dissatisfaction with the staff. Today I took his advice and withdrew. I withdrew for one reason.  The Myrtle Beach BBB is a joke.  This local BBB, Better Business Bureau, is a slow vehicle in the fast lane and it should be over in the right lane with the slower cars, because it can't keep up with the speed of business. You know, many states have laws about incompetence in the fast left lane - and this BBB is incompetent.

It took you about 16 months to come to a conclusion about another BBB member who had co-opted my business name at the bottom of his website. Or another member who had spitefully used my name for 8 years of my requests & patience for them to cease.  I just knew that you'd be able to help me since this organization STANDS FOR SOMETHING.  The economy had ruined the housing market and funds were not available to get a USPTO trademark.  I already owned an SC Service Mark, and that should have given you a reason to approach these two ethical members, but you never sent me a copy of any letter or email you MAY have sent either of them, and I suspect that you didn't even mention it - though your Code of Business Ethics states #2 Advertise honestly, and #3 Tell the truth, and if following the law is in there somewhere - it still didn't matter to you. This website BetterBusinessBureauMyrtleBeach.Com doesn't bother you. I know, because you told me so.  These matters just don't concern you.

It typically takes months before you answer a question or hear a voicemail.  And sometimes you don't even see emails until a year later. There are few, if any, email addresses for particular people or other contact information available to members.  When a business comes aboard your sinking ship you pay very little attention, spurn their excitement about good business, and the frustration with your stupid website spawns bitterness that is difficult to overcome.

During the last 16 months you've had five (5) different directors to sit in the one seat like a game of musical chairs and the sender of the letter to me - the 5th one - had been in that chair for a month. Five resignations of your own people in just over a year?  Heck, it took me 16 months to resign. I have been patient and hopeful that you would do something, but incompetence ruled the day over, and over, and over. I got a refund last year too for aforementioned reasons and then drove to Conway to tender payment in hand out of forgiveness - as if your incompetence was a fluke.  I didn't ask for a refund this year, and it is to your credit that you sent it back, but now I know that you were indignant about my expectations from an organization called 'Better' business.

It would have been self hate to stay behind you in the left lane as your little vehicle chugged along. All you are is a vehicle for advertising - and a farce at that - thinking your SEO doesn't stink in the search engines, which it does.  Most of the time my listings appear 3 or 4 times on the first page while yours is over on the third or fourth.  The salesman that calls your members a few times per year charges $300 to $500 (for starters) to unsuspecting ignoramuses about getting them onto the first or hopefully second page in a "Silver" package.  This website is now on page one.

You know, this whole series of unfortunate circumstances reminds me of a stay at the Brookwood Inn motel of Murrells Inlet, SC in 2013 (picture above).  Staying a few days to get some peace and quiet, one night about 3 am in the morning I was awakened by a ruckus outside on the walkway.  It seems that the room a door or two down the way flooded with sewage. Thats right, it backed up into the stand up shower stall and went over the walls into the room.  The toilet overflowed too, and everything this elderly couple had put on the floor was soaked in their's and their neighbor's defecation stew. Well, that sort of surprised these two travelers, as this wasn't on the brochure.  You know what the manager did?  Due to the rude and abusive (outrageous) treatment he received from his customers - he told them to "Get the hell out!"  And they went looking for another place to sleep... with scented belongings... at 3am. Nice review for the Brookwood Inn motel of Murrells Inlet, isn't it? When I peeked out the door I noticed that I too was standing in sewage, but I kept my mouth shut.  I wasn't about to go looking for another room at 3am.  Am sure they rented our rooms as soon as possible. That story seems analogous.  I mean, how polite did he expect those two travelers to be? Sewage soaked clothes, 3am, lost night's sleep, wasted money on lodging, landrymat?  Isn't it rich that the motel literally flooded them in shit while they slept - yet the manager was indignant with their reaction and kicked them out? How would YOU have reacted?  Reviews

You've got a farce on your hands there at the BBB.  I can't think of a single thing you do well. Your moral septic tank backs up and your incompetent room attendant never comes by.

"Better" business?


March 20, 2017 - I got a certified letter in the mail today dated February 16, 2017 from Mr. D'Ambrosio and he accepts my resignation from the BBB.  Whoopee!  Why did it take 5 weeks for this letter to get from his desk to my home?  Because the BBB is incompetent - I will tell you that.

April 28, 2017 - Today the BBB telemarketers called me to get me to join them.  Ha ha. SMH.