Georgetown, SC - Labor to load and Unload Movers



With 17 years personal experience our hands-on owner attends each and every moving job.  We serve every city and neighborhood of Georgetown County, South Carolina with moving labor to load and unload your rental truck.  We provide experienced movers that follow a proven routine formula to load your Uhaul, Penske, and Budget rental trucks or POD containers.  Leaving the area?  We can get you on your loaded way.  New to the area?  We can get you settled in and put furniture where you want it.  Perhaps you are moving around within the immediate local area and need a moving crew to make it happen?  Let us engineer the affair.  

"Your rental truck - Our strong backs!"

Georgetown SC Movers

On local Georgetown SC moves we provide quilts, blankets, rope, dollies, and necessary tools to perform the average relocation.  We load your rental truck, follow you to the destination, and then unload the goods to where you specify.

Rates: $90/hr includes 3 men, 2 hour minimum per job.  Nominal one-time stair charge may apply (as bonus to men).  $25 travel charge applies to all Georgetown locations.  Gratuities are split equally among the guys.

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