Myrtle Beach Moving Labor

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Loading Jon Jones motorcycle.

Can I get strong men in Myrtle Beach SC to provide moving labor to load and unload my rental truck?  YES YOU CAN.  Myrtle Beach Movers has provided moving labor service since 2001.  After 17 years we are in the habit of getting the job done right and letting you return to getting on with your life.  We are the original Myrtle Beach SC moving labor service to load and unload your rental truck or POD.  Some of you are keeping and holding on to a lot of stuff.  We can move the precious pieces, as well as that stuff.  Your crew leader, Patrick Hill, has 17 years experience managing his moving-labor crew and he has seen most of the challenges facing our customers.  We are very industrious busy bodies on the job site, so $90/hour for 3 men is very fair, $150 minimum per job.  Visit the rest of this website, and then call Patrick Hill for further details.  Three experienced busy men can accomplish a great deal in an hour.